Pastoral Team

Assistant Apostolic Team -  Dick and Karen Yates

Dick and Karen Yates carry a prophetic mantle in their service to the Lord at Awakening International Church. They are both Ordained through Kohathite Ministries, Inc..
Dick is anointed with a strong prophetic preaching mantle. He has served in pastoral ministry for well over 20 years, pastoring in various denominations such as the Church of God (Findley, OH) and the United Church of Christ. Serving together on the Bridge of Hope of the Laurel Highlands, Dick was treasurer and Karen served as chairman.
Karen has a certificate of Women’s Ministry which allowed her to establish various women’s ministries and Bible studies throughout our region, such as Balance Seeker’s Women’s Ministry and Women Encouraging Women, which ministered to 13 different denominations. As a former board member of Cornerstone Leadership Foundation, she has a strong desire to see this region be all that God has called it to be.  They are happily married with 6 children and 6 grandchildren.