Senior Apostolic Team :  Brian and Michele Tunstall are the founders and vision holders of Kohathite Ministries, Inc. and apostolic covering of Awakening International Church (AIC) located in Revloc, PA in southwestern Pennsylvania. Having trained apostolic teams of five-fold ministers within AIC, the teams are touching lives internationally with Jesus’ love and His demonstration of power.

  Brian moves under the anointing of prophetic ministry, worship, intercession, prophetic preaching, teaching and miracles. Brian consistently crosses denominational barriers having trained mainline Protestant and Catholic churches in the prophetic, personal freedom, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and leadership principles. Brian has traveled and ministered internationally for the past 7 years leaving strong apostolic relationships and foundations in Guatemala, Thailand and South Korea.  Brian also has three worship CD's available on iTunes that carry the glory and presence of the Lord Jesus on them. 

Michele carries an administrative and teaching gifting from the Lord. She flows in administrating the daily workings of ministry at Awakening International Church. Being PA dual certified in preschool/early elementary education, Michele has a call to raise up the next generation with strong spiritual foundations training them practically in doctrine and activation of the spiritual gifts. Michele often states, "There is not a Holy Spirit, Jr. for children ---- He is the same Holy Spirit that fills us all." Michele has written several curriculums for Children's Church expounding on such topics as baptism and prayer.

Brian and Michele are happily married celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary this May. They have two beautiful and talented children, Jesse 22, Brianna and Zoey, their West Highland Terrier. The Tunstall's reside in Belsano, PA.