About Us
... is a hub in the south central Pennsylvania region near the cities of Ebensburg, Johnstown, Somerset, Altoona and Indiana, PA. We are a family of believers who gather for fellowship with one another and with Jesus Christ to mature spiritually in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are dedicated to reaching beyond the church walls into the world where real people have real hurts. We believe the love of God is able to heal all wounds because we see His mercy healing our lives daily. We also see the need for God’s people to be trained so they may effectively minister in their homes, their communities and in their workplace with a kingdom impact. We offer many courses of training to mature the believer in their ministry gifts and destiny calling. As a family church, we are committed to ministering to every aspect of today’s family so that each one can walk in the most abundant, functional life Jesus has to offer us today. We offer teaching and messages that encourage and give hope, but also draw out the potential and destiny that Jesus has placed within His people. You will receive a warm, loving welcome when you visit Awakening International Church in Revloc, PA.
 Engaging in and with Holy Spirit so that everyone is being affected.


AWAKENING Vision Statement
A Place of Heavenly Presence
A Place of Present Day Truth
A Place of Preparation
A Place of Provision
A Place of Possession
A Place of Preferring
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